About Me

Tarot Card Reader + Astrologer
Wendi Carlock
makes it easy
in a busy world
to discover who you are
focus your vision
and gain control of
the direction of your life.

Wendi Carlock

your innerstellarmedium, Wendi

“I'll be your mirror, reflect what you are.”

Being a Gemini, Wendi wears many hats — counselor, psychic, teacher, artist. As a young photographer, she became fascinated with sacred symbols in art [and with a Scorpio moon] was compelled to go beyond the surface and decipher the deeper meaning behind those symbols.

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The meaning she sought was profound and limitless. Working with the Tarot opened the door to another dimension of self-understanding in relation to the universe. The symbols were a tool to tap into an empowering sense of inner knowing — in other words, she discovered she had always been “psychic.” Friends could see the change and wanted to tap into that too. So she continued her study of metaphysics with like-minded peers and began to share readings with the public.

For the past 7 years, working on the frontlines of New York nightlife, Wendi has performed thousands of readings for people from all walks of life. She’s been very fortunate to have encountered such a wide cross-section of characters in the living laboratory of the city — Carl Jung would be jealous!

“better than years worth of therapy”
— and definitely more fun...

Clients report that they feel at ease in her presence and many have said after a reading that it’s “spot on” and “better than years worth of therapy.” Entertained and treated respectfully, people come away from a reading feeling understood and empowered with a tangible strategy for co-creating their own future.

Wendi has heard and followed so many stories [her own included] that have proven the validity of tarot + astrology and shown the therapeutic benefits that a reading can bring. A renewed sense of purpose, radical self-acceptance, creative blossoming, and the ability to break bad habit patterns are just some of the common side-effects.

Her latest creation, innerstellarmedium.com is a place in cyberspace where she meets face-to-face with clients via live video consultations with graphics. Wendi is devoted to providing a stress-free experience, more conducive to the calm focus and soulful connection a reading really deserves. The innerstellarmedium is a unique space where that kind of remote healing can take place.

Wendi CarlockWendi is a member of the astrological association, NCGR and has studied at the Tarot School, Holistic Studies Institute, Reiki Arts Continuum and with astrologers Darcy Woodall and Mark Wolz. She holds a B.F.A in fine art photography from the School of Visual Arts.

When not deeply immersed in an astrological chart she’s planning a high-rise garden, biking to Coney Island, and sampling the entire spectrum of tea.

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