The innerstellarmedium
is a place in cyberspace
where we can meet face-to-face.
Astrology + Tarot Readings
via live video consultation
with interactive graphics.

Better than in-person, your tarot card spread + astrological chart come alive — from the comfort of your chosen environment without the hassle of yet another commute. Your reading is [optionally] recorded. Replay + review your session later to absorb all of the fascinating details you may have missed.

At the time of your appointment, curl up in your favorite chair with a drink in your hand, click a link in your email and prepare to take a trip into the innerstellarmedium.

Learn more about the creator of this space
your innerstellarmedium, Wendi

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Master the game of life by understanding your unique challenges and strengths.

A tarot + astrology reading is your own personal treasure map, illuminating the way.

Click on any reading from the slideshow below to reveal more about your path.