A preview of the upcoming online class
“Spiritual Gardening, Gardening by the Moon”

grow anything

Learn how to
a creative project
love relationship
financial plan
or just a plant
with the power of the moon
[and the sun!]

magician tarot card

Steward of the Earth

Planting by the moon is an old idea that is based in folklore and has been practiced since the beginning of agriculture.

Know when to plant and when to weed your dreams along with your vegetables according to direction, season, month and day. Your life and your garden will flourish as you establish an inner relationship with the Earth’s cycles.

You will understand the basic building blocks on which Biodynamic Agriculture and the Farmer’s Almanac are based. Discover how the moon’s phases affect growth. Find out what types of plants to plant for your personal development and health plus other interesting facts about spiritual gardening.

Even the simplest of garden chores can be imbued with personal meaning. Enjoy the meditative bliss and see, smell, touch and taste the tangible goodies that result.

cherry blossom bliss

Cherry Blossoms, Brooklyn Botanical Garden

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